Heat Treating Solutions


Quench Air

An SBS QUENCH AIRĀ® heat exchanger uses air instead of water to cool liquids that have been heated in industrial processes.


A unique product for direct air cooling the hot endothermic generator gas with ambient air. Eliminates the use of troublesome water cooled top hats on endothermic generators. Available in up to 7200 CFH capacities.

Cloud Cooler

The Cloud Cooler Pumping Station is a brilliant new design that simplifies a long-proven European technology.

WaterSaver System

An SBS QUENCH AIRĀ® WaterSaver is a “dry cooler” heat exchanger which uses ambient air instead of cooling tower water to cool liquids that have been heated in industrial processes.


Smart Filter

An SBS Smart Filter is a self-contained liquid filtration system incorporating a dedicated pump, filter housing and controls, all mounted on a pre-piped, pre-wired skid.


An SBS Sludgebuster is a “filter-less filter” that uses centrifugal force, without any filter media, to remove 50 micron and larger separable solids from a fluid stream in an oil quench process.


Aqua Sense

An AQUA-SENSE Moisture Monitoring System gives an early warning signal that water is migrating to a quench tank.

Temperature Controllers

Temp Controller electronic panels are designed to electronically sequence fan, pump, and heater operation for optimum process control.