Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

SBS Quench Air Oil Coolers

SBS Quench Air

We developed and refined the world’s best heat exchanger, Quench Air, for cooling quench oil and synthetic polymer/water combinations in heat treat applications. We make them with all steel construction to resist acid erosion from acidic quench oil. We use large diameter (1”/2.54 cm) tubing to virtually eliminate plugging from dirty oil. If they do need to be cleaned, both ends of the heat exchanger are removable, allowing the straight through tubes to be brushed out….and best of all Quench Air heat exchangers are air-cooled…no dangerous water to leak into quench tanks. Water in quench oil is a leading cause of heat treat fires.

Tube Bundle Replacement


SBS Staight Shot Tubing

Straight Shot Tubing

Straight through tubes with no u-bends means that you can clean out the entire tube length and see light at the other end of the tube for complete heat exchanger cleaning.

Saves time, money


Removable Tube Manifolds

Removable manifolds on both ends give complete visual and mechanical access to tube interiors.  The absence of tube “U-bends” makes cleaning easy.

Quiet, Efficient Propeller Fans

Using minimal horsepower, propeller fans deliver the optimal quantity of air with quiet operation.  The direct drive fans eliminate sheave and belt maintenance.

Flanged Inlets and Outlets

Inlets and outlets are available in standard 150# ANSI flanged connections (NPT optional) to match piping capabilities.

Fin Guard

Mounted on top of the heat exchanger, the fin guard protects the delicate finned tubes from weather or operator damage.  The fin guards are bright zinc plated and sealed with di-chromate.

Convenient Threaded Plug

The easy-to-remove plug provides a viewing port to examine tube cleanliness.  The plug allows a quick visual check of the tubes without removing the manifolds of the unit.

Optional NEMA 3R Disconnect Switch

Wired using SEAL TITE conduit and fittings, the switch gives a positive electrical power lockout.  The weather-tight disconnect switch helps assure compliance with OSHA electrical lockout standards.

Finned Tubing

One inch diameter tubes (stainless or carbon steel) create four times the flow area of a commonly used 1/2″ tube.  The large flow area virtually eliminates the possibility of plugging.  Depending on the application, steel or aluminum fins are available. Our tubes are rated for temperatures up to 500ºF (260ºC)