Pumps, Motors & Parts

Replacement Parts

If you currently have one of our products, we have your replacement parts available and in stock.

Filter Bags

Disposable Filter Bags are available in a number of different materials depending on chemical and temperature requirements.

Replacement Tube Bundles

If you’re thinking about replacing your heat exchanger, first look into replacing the tube bundle.

Leeson 1 HP Motors

Leeson designed this motor specifically for our Quiet Heat Exchanger class.


SBS offers a unique line of pumps that can pump fluids up to 650°F.


SBS PumpPaks come equipped with a basket strainer, ball valve and isolation valve, ready to be plumbed into your system.

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations are available. SBS can engineer, design, and build a pumping station complete with storage tank for your process needs.

Tower Scour

An SBS Tower Scour is a centrifugal separator that filters a flow of liquid by using centrifugal force, without any filter media, to remove 50-micron and larger separable solids from your cooling tower water.